Table of contents:

  • What are web application penetration tests?
  • What are the benefits of penetration tests? Is it worth it?
  • Stages of web application penetration tests.
  • How long do penetration tests take?

What are web application penetration tests?

Web application penetration tests are a realistic simulation of hacker attacks performed by experienced cybersecurity experts. As a part of penetration tests, we will try to breach the security systems which should protect your application. Then, we will be able to identify the vulnerabilities and to determine which parts of the application are particularly subject to intrusive access and outer manipulation.

Undergoing penetration tests we base on OWASP ASVS methodology, thus you may be sure that your application follows the global cybersecurity standards.

What are the benefits of penetration tests? Is it worth it?

Due to penetration tests you will be able to:

  • identify the vulnerabilities in security systems,
  • prevent hijacking the application,
  • minimize the risk of data and confidential information leakage,
  • estimate the application security level,
  • estimate the level of the risk of particular threats and counteracting priority.

Manual and automatic tests

In order to receive as accurate results of the web application penetration tests as possible, we use both, the automatic scripts and the manual analysis of particular vector attacks. At first, the application is subjected to automatic tests – we scan the application for known vulnerabilities with advanced tools. Then, while conducting manual tests, the detected threats are personally verified by us and the application is tested in terms of untypical attacks which are impossible to be simulated with automatic tools.

Stages of web application penetration tests

1. Pre-audit consultation:

Before we start, we would like to ask you several questions regarding your web application. Also, we will discuss the scope of penetration tests and the deadline to be followed.

2. Web application penetration tests in terms of known vulnerabilities:

We will verify the reaction of the application in terms of known types of hacker attacks. All the cybersecurity vulnerabilities which enable the unauthorized access and app manipulation by the disfavored persona, will be detected.

3. Verification of detected threats:

We will determine a degree of severity and estimate the fixing priority of threats found during penetration tests.

4. Complete report on the work performed:

At the end you will receive a complete and comprehensive report from us, including a detailed description of the identified threats and recommendations regarding their elimination.

5. Retests:

Once the recommended changes are implemented, we advise to repeat the penetration tests in order to make sure that the detected vulnerabilities were indeed successfully removed.

How long do penetration tests take?

The duration of the penetration tests depends on the complexity of the web application. Usually it takes from 2 to several days. You will learn the exact deadline of works during pre-audit consultation.

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