An IT security audit is a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems security. We will take a closer look at the particular elements, which have an impact on the overall digital security  landscape of your company, website or application.

Our service includes:

  • network security audit,
  • infrastructure security audit,
  • website and application security audit,
  • data storage security assessment,
  • analysis of making and storing backup,
  • software legality analysis,
  • risk assessment of the detected vulnerabilities

We prepare the companies for such certification as PCI, SOC or ISO 27000

What are the benefits of an audit? Why is it worth it?

Being aware of the threat is the first step towards security. Knowing what kinds of vulnerabilities your IT systems contain, will allow you to eliminate them and properly protect your company against an inevitable attack.

audyty it, audyt bezpieczeństwa systemów informatycznych

The benefits of IT security audit:

  • Increases the security level of the company – implementing our recommendations will strengthen the IT systems and improve the resistance to hacker attacks.
  • Helps to avoid high financial penalties – due to the data leak, the company may face not only dissatisfied clients but also major financial losses. The effective data protection does not let such expenses happen.
  • Prevents the company from losing its appearance – No company wants to be remembered as a victim of a spectacular hacking attack. Informing clients about their data leakage is not an easy task as well. An IT security audit will help to avoid such situations.
  • Increases the cyber-threats awareness among employees – Aware employee equals a secured and safe company. A security audit makes people more aware of the cybersecurity issues, increasing their knowledge of threats.
  • Provides additional credit for potential contractors – The certification such as ISO 27000, PCI, SOC2, as a confirmation of your system security, undoubtedly increases the credibility for clients and potential partners. We will help you to receive these certificates.

Audit stages:

1. Pre-audit consultation:

To respond to your needs, we need to know them first. Therefore, before the audit starts, we ask a few questions, including your IT assets; the used technologies; possible supervisors, subjected regulations.

2. Security audit:

The next step is  an actual security audit. We will take a closer look at the used assets, analyzing them for potential security vulnerabilities.

3. Threat assessment and recommendation for improvements:

We will estimate a risk resulting from the threats found.

4. A complete audit report:

We will provide you with a complete report presenting the scope of the work performed, discussing the detected vulnerabilities and instructing what steps should be taken to remove them.

5. Help in improving security systems and retests:

Once the audit is completed, you are not left alone! It is the opposite: we will help with the implementation of the recommended changes, and after all, we will re-evaluate your IT systems to make sure that their security level has increased.  

How long does the cybersecurity audit take?

The duration of a cybersecurity audit depends on your IT assets and how you want to analyze them – an audit made for a specific certification may slightly differ from an audit focused on detecting all vulnerabilities, data protection, etc. You will learn the estimated duration of the audit during the pre-audit consultation, i.e. at the first stage of collaboration.

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