Table of contents:

  • What is an IT infrastructure audit?
  • What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?
  • Audit stages.
  • How long does the audit take?

What is an IT infrastructure audit?

An IT infrastructure is essential to maintain the business continuity of many enterprises these days and hackers are perfectly aware of this fact. Perhaps you have witnessed how hardware failure or internet connection breakdown can destabilize the company’s work. Imagine now the impact of an attack on your entire IT infrastructure. Depending on the scale and duration of such attack, your business may even experience a “to be, or not to be” type of situation due to the costs incurred.

An IT infrastructure audit will help to protect your company against inevitable attacks and to increase the efficiency of particular infrastructure elements – and thus the efficiency of the entire company.

What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?

An IT infrastructure audit includes the following main advantages:

  • An objective assessment of the security level and recommendation regarding increasing it
  • Detection and removal of critical vulnerabilities which may significantly increase the probability of resigning the hacker from attacking your company.
  • Cover against data loss and unpleasant consequences like financial penalties, prestige loss, business continuity disruption, etc.
  • Improvement of the infrastructure efficiency which translates into increasing the efficiency of the entire company as well.

Audit stages

1. Pre-audit consultation:

Each service is preceded by an extensive interview regarding your expectations, critical elements of your infrastructure and the scope of work that is going to be implemented. Thanks to this, in the very beginning you know how the audit will proceed.

2. Audit conducted in the business premises or remotely:

We will visit your company in order to take an inventory or to test the entire IT infrastructure in the convenient term to you. If possible, we conduct audits remotely as well.

3. Analysis and assessment of threats and the repair prioritization:

We will thoroughly analyze any incorrectness that may proceed from the audit. What is more, we will prepare documentation describing the detected vulnerabilities and recommend the implementation of remedial mechanisms with a specific priority.

4. Report on the work performed:

You will receive a complete report from us, describing the course of an audit, vulnerabilities found and recommendations regarding improving the security of your infrastructure.

5. Support in implementing the report recommendations:

You can also count on us when the whole work is completed. We will help you eliminate the vulnerabilities detected during the audit and improve the overall security level of the infrastructure.

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