Table of contents:

  • What is an information security audit?
  • What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?
  • Information security audit stages.
  • How long does the audit take?

What is an information security audit?

Information security audit combines a comprehensive review of the procedures to be followed in the case of a cyber attack in your company and the security policy assessment, whose aim is to prevent data leaks and other effects of cyber attacks, as well as compliance with safe procedures regarding security of systems and data. Our information security audit offers a wide range of work, including verification of:

  • compliance with applicable standards,
  • information security policy,
  • assets security organization,
  • security of processes related to information flow,
  • security of mobile devices,
  • security of remote working organization,
  • security of information systems and information storage software,
  • management of access to information of individual users,
  • network security management,
  • vulnerability management.

We will also provide a help to obtain a certificate of compliance with the applicable information security standards:

  • ISO seria 27000,
  • SOC,
  • PCI DSS.

What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?

Your company will enjoy numerous benefits due to the information security audit. The most important include:

  • Securing data leaks. The information security audit verifies the correctness of your company’s procedures related to safe data storage and indicates the best options of fixing them. We will show you the right approach to data protection and help you to secure your company against unauthorized access.
  • Increasing awareness of proper data processing. The overall data security level in your company depends not only on the procedures and systems applied but also on the daily decisions made by you and your employees. Due to information security audit you will be able to learn and implement propoper methods of storing and processing data. What is more, the awareness of your employees will be increased, drawing the attention to most frequent mistakes.
  • Support in ISO and PCI DSS certification. We will verify the information security policy implemented in your company in terms of compliance with current standards of data security and storing, which are verified in case of ISO 27000 or PCI DSS certification. Information security audit will enable you to apply for a certificate being fully confident that you meet all the requirements.
  • Credibility in the eyes of business partners and customers. In the era of storing a large amount of customer’s sensitive data by every company, a concern regarding their proper protection shows that particular organization is truly trustworthy. An official and formal confirmation of applying proper methods of data protection in the form of a certificate, will increase your credibility in the eyes of business partners and will open up new opportunities for cooperation.

Information security audit stages

  1. 1. Pre-audit consultation:Before we start, we will discuss together the scope and purpose of the audit. We will confirm with you whether the next step you expect is certification (ISO, PCI DSS). We will adjust the scope of our work in order to fit the assumed goal and make it easier to achieve it.2. Verification of the procedures regarding information storing and processing:The way you store and manage data in your daily work routine, will be confronted by us with the current cybersecurity standards. We will identify the possible shortcomings and then indicate areas that should be improved.3. Information security policy verification:We will take a closer look at the way you take care about data storage security in your daily work.4. Verification of the procedures to be followed in case of data leakage:We will analyze your trail in case of the data leakage. We will indicate its weak points and recommend changes towards the generally accepted cybersecurity standards.5. Complete report on the work performed with recommendations:You will receive a complete report from us, including not only the summary of work performed during the information security audit but also recommendations regarding the necessary corrections, the implementation of which will help you to increase the security level of the data stored.

How long does the audit take?

Information security audit, depending on the amount of assets (data) and storage media, may last from several weeks to several months. You will learn the exact time of the audit during consultations before starting the work.

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