Table of contents:

  • What is a web application security audit?
  • What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?
  • Web application security audit stages.
  • How long does the audit take?

What is a web application security audit?

A web application security audit allows us to verify the resistance level of your application to a hacker attack. Due to the audit, you will learn the gaps in defense mechanisms and you will receive the extensive instructions on how to eliminate them and improve the overall web application security level. It is well known that due to hacker attacks the company may face damaging financial and image losses. Web application security audit will minimize the risk that the attempt of manipulating your application by hackers will succeed. Our security audit bases among others on OWASP ASVS methodology. In that way you may be sure that your web application (store, marketplace, SaaS platform type etc.) was tested according to a global cybersecurity standard.

What are the benefits of an audit? Is it worth it?

A trust is a fundamental currency which will help you to earn the customer’s loyalty. If you betray your customer’s trust by exposing their data to a leakage, it will greatly increase the likelihood of giving up your services in favor of the competition. Also, unsatisfied customers will share the adverse opinion with their friends. Web application audit helps to avoid such situations. What is more, you will learn and eliminate the vulnerabilities that jeopardize your application for attacks as well as you for friendly rapport with customers.

Web application security audit stages

1. Pre-audit consultation:

Before we start, we will discuss with you the scope of our work and the deadline to be followed. We will ask some questions regarding your web application which will help us to prepare better for the whole process.

2. Verification of web applications in terms of known vulnerabilities:

We will test your web application in order to locate the security failures. We will take into consideration the all currently known vulnerabilities and the compliance with safe configuring and designing practices of web applications.

3. Verification of the detected vulnerabilities:

We will take a closer look at the vulnerabilities found. You may expect a detailed description which includes a threat level such vulnerabilities pose, along with a fix priority.

4. Complete report on the work performed:

At the end you will receive a complete and comprehensive report from us, including the summary of the entire audit and recommendations regarding the actions to be taken in order to increase the security level of your web application.

How long does the audit take?

The duration of the entire web application audit depends on its complexity. We will estimate the exact duration of the audit during consultations prior to the commencement of works. Usually it takes from 2 days to several weeks.

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