Table of contents:

  • What are penetration tests?
  • What are the benefits of penetration tests? Is it worth it?
  • Stages of penetration tests.
  • How long do penetration tests take?

What are penetration tests?

Penetration tests (aka pen tests) help to see the security level of a website, application, software or network. You will test how the given IT system would handle a hacker attack being provided with controlled and safe conditions. Such knowledge will help you to remove the vulnerabilities in your security system and will increase the overall level of security.

Undergoing pen tests we base on global cybersecurity standards, using OWASP, OSSTMM and NIST methodologies. As a result you may be sure that your system was tested in terms of all currently known vulnerabilities, following proper methods used by experts all over the world.

What are the benefits of penetration tests? Is it worth it?

Each year the amount of cyberattacks is increasing. Unfortunately, many companies pose an easy target to hackers due to insufficient securities. Due to penetration tests you will learn, the weak aspects of your securities, enabling you to develop better protection mechanisms, remove vulnerabilities and improve the resistance of your systems to cyberattacks.

Due to penetration tests you will be able to:

  • determine what is the condition of your systems in case of a real threat,
  • localize and eliminate vulnerabilities,
  • develop effective cyber attacks prevention mechanisms,
  • avoid expensive downtime your company may face, personal data theft, image loss, high financial penalties and other consequences of cyberattacks.

Stages of penetration tests

1. Pre-audit consultation:

Before we start, we will discuss with you the scope of penetration tests and the deadline to be followed. We will also ask you for crucial information and access.

2. Controlled attack:

While penetration tests we will do exactly what hackers would do to your website or application – except that our actions are entirely safe. You will get the opportunity to see how your systems work when a real cyber attack occurs.

3. Complete report on the work performed with recommendations:

At the end you will receive a complete and comprehensive report from us, including a detailed description of the techniques used during the attack, detected vulnerabilities and recommendations regarding the protection mechanisms to be implemented.

4. Retest:

Once the recommended changes are implemented, we advise to repeat the penetration tests in order to make sure that the detected vulnerabilities were indeed successfully removed.

How long do penetration tests take?

The duration of the penetration tests depends on the complexity of the tested system. Usually it takes from a few to several days.

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