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IT & Cybersecurity consulting

Not everyone is Alpha and Omega. In the matter of your IT and cybersecurity – write to DSecure.me.

Custom cybersecurity solutions

We are aware that not everyone can afford expensive corporate security solutions, but everyone deserves cybersecurity. We provide solid tailor-made cyber security in accordance with your business.

Penetration tests and security audits

You are not sure if your web/mobile application is sufficiently refined to resist potential hacker attacks? We can double check and if needed, we will tell you how to fix it.

Social Engineering Security Tests

Would you like to check and increase the cybersecurity awareness among your employees? We can prepare a campaign which will meet the needs of you and your employees.

Cybersecurity solutions advisory

If you are not certain which solution to choose, don’t waste your money relying on your gut feeling. Contact us, tell us about the problem and we will help to select the right solution.

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