Table of contents:

  • What is a cybersecurity consulting?
  • What are the benefits of cybersecurity consulting? Is it worth it?
  • Stages of cybersecurity consulting.
  • How long does cybersecurity consulting take?

What is a cybersecurity consulting?

Cybersecurity is an extremely broad field that requires knowledge in various IT areas. It is no wonder that even experienced IT specialists sometimes need cybersecurity support. Thus, cybersecurity consulting is a response to such cases. We offer the opportunity to consult with us the problems and challenges faced by your IT department. We will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions, estimate business risk and recommend the most optimal actions, adjusted to the individual case.

The most frequent tasks of cybersecurity consulting service include:

  • post-intrusion analysis
  • Server configuration in terms of security
  • Secure application development consulting
  • Secure software (SSDLC) development consulting.

What are the benefits of cybersecurity consulting? Is it worth it?

Cybersecurity consulting helps to solve complex security problems faster and more efficiently. In particular when:

  • Your company has been attacked and you need fast reactions and solutions – In such case there is no time to work out solutions on your own. You need an effective plan of action which will quickly get your business up and running. Consultations with experienced specialists will help you to react quickly by repelling the attack and consequently, to minimize the losses it may cause.
  • Your IT department has faced a challenge in the field of cybersecurity – We support IT departments in situations that require technical knowledge and experience that go beyond the daily work of non-cybersecurity specialists. Consulting is a good option to solve complex problems efficiently and expand the scope of employees’ skills.
  • You want to implement good practices for secure software development (SSDLC) in your company – We will share our knowledge of secure software development processes with your employees in an accessible way. Also, we will advise you on what to pay special attention to in order to effectively care for the security of systems and applications at all stages of their development.
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Stages of cybersecurity consulting

Stages of cybersecurity consulting depend on the area that require consultation.

In the case of a cyber attack, you can count on an immediate response which restores your business continuity as soon as possible. Regarding situations that do not require immediate action, we will determine the scope and date of the consultation before it starts.

How long does cybersecurity consulting take?

The duration of consulting depends on the complexity of the problem you report. You will learn a detailed plan of action and estimated duration of consulting before we start our cooperation.

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