Michał Walkowski

Cybersecurity consultant with many years of IT experience. Lecturer at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and author of research papers related to cybersecurity. His experience includes implementing processes regarding secure software development in financial institutions. Pentester, programmer. Founder of DSecure.me.

Maciej Krakowiak

Cybersecurity consultant, GIAC Advisory Board member with many years of IT experience. His skills are proved by numerous certificates related to cybersecurity. System administrator of SIEM, IPS and Vulnerability Management. Former cybersecurity analyst. Pentester, consultant and programmer. Co-founder of DSecure.me.

Who we are?

DSecure.me is a team of three specialists with a common goal – improving the cybersecurity level in our client’s systems. Despite the fact that we have been working as DSecure.me for two years, the IT branch has been recognizing us much longer. Previously, we looked after, among others, financial and public institutions and companies developing software and computer hardware. Due to broad experience we were able to obtain a comprehensive view of cybersecurity and a better understanding of individual industries specifics.

We are also the creators of The VMC – a vulnerability management software, which is used on a daily basis, among others, by Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Our values

Reliability and development

Deciding on cooperation with us, you may be sure that the cybersecurity of your company is in the hands of true passionate people, who constantly explore and expand the field of their expertise. Currently, new forms of hacker attacks are constantly emerging all over the world – we believe that as cybersecurity experts we must develop faster to be a few steps ahead of hackers.


In our opinion, every company should take care of its cybersecurity. We are also aware that not every business can afford the advanced tools for such support. This is why the solution we provide is also accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Understanding your business

Two identical companies, with the same assets, security systems and security flaws, do not exist. For this reason, we always treat the cybersecurity topic individually, putting the emphasis on understanding the nature of organization and, as a result, to offer solutions which are personalized

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