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IT & Cybersecurity consulting

Not everyone can be a know-it-all person and there is no shame. In terms of your IT and cybersecurity – better write to

Custom cybersecurity solutions

We understand not everyone can afford expensive corporate level solutions, however, everyone deserves cybersecurity. We can deliver low cost and reliable solutions tailored for your business and based on our vast experience.

Penetration tests and security audits

Not sure if your web/mobile app is hardened enough to resist potential attacks? We can make sure it’s not and tell you how to fix that.

Social Engineering Security Tests

Do you want to test or increase cybersecurity awareness among your employees? We can prepare a campaign tailored for your company and employees.

Cybersecurity solutions advisory

If you are not sure which cybersecurity product suits you better. Do not spend your money relying on the hutch. Contact us, tell us what it is about and we will find the best solution for you.

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Clients about us

Andrzej Kwiecień


“ The Dsecure company offers high quality services. We have always been satisfied by their work. ”

Sławomir Glinkowski

Manager, NattoPharma Gnosis by Lessafre

“ Very good technical skills. Very good advice on how to do and tot to do things.”

Krzysztof Kaczor

Co-Owner, A4BEE

“We had a very good collaboration and thet have great flexibility which was very much appreciated.”

Asset Management software and support

Asset Management – is a strong foundation of your IT infrastructure. Keep tracking assets and their life cycle. Get your IT stuff in order – It is the best place to start thinking about proper IT management and cybersecurity.

Thanks to AM solution your IT resource management efficiency increases, and your employees stop wasting time on endless excel management!

This solution allows you to manage:

  • the life cycle of IT resources,
  • hardware and software licenses,
  • hardware and software support,
  • your budget,
  • and much more.

Simple and flexible system for managing your company’s assets.

Ralph is based on an open source software maintained by Allegro Tech.

The SaaS cloud model provides you with unlimited access to the application and the obligation to maintain the system will not rest on your shoulders.

Our work

We value cybersecurity in every organisation and we believe nowadays it is one of the most important aspects of healthy business. We know a lot of cybersecurity solutions are expensive and not every organisation can afford them, that’s why we try to bring the most security value with the lowest possible cost for our customers. That’s also why we decided to open our vulnerability management software – The VMC

We are working on serving VMC support in the same way we offer Ralph support, but as we want to give the most from the software, we still need to do some tweaks.

For now VMC has been deployed for Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WCSS) and our team is really proud of that!