Table of contents:

  • What is a mobile application security audit?
  • What are the benefits of audit? Is it worth it?
  • Stages of mobile application security audit.
  • How long does an audit take?

What is a mobile application security audit?

A mobile application security audit helps to detect flaws that may contribute to breaching the security of an application: remote code execution on the server, session hijacking, changing or deleting data and finally, performing actions from the user’s account. As a part of an audit, we will verify whether the application enables you to receive an access or manipulates your assets, as well.

We will verify the security of the following fields:

• methods of storing data in the application,
• authorization mechanisms in the application,
• server components (backend),
• communication between the application and the server,
• payment methods (if any present).

Undergoing audit we base on global cybersecurity standards which are included in OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard.

What are the benefits of mobile application audit? Is it worth it?

Mobile application audit is crucial in order to guarantee users a possibility of using your application without any fear regarding the security of their data and devices.

A mobile application security audit is especially recommended for:

  • Banking and payment applications – Users that have entrusted you with their finances, want to make sure they are properly secured. The security audit will ensure that you take care of the business of your customers professionally and rightly.
  • Instant messenger – If it’s possible to communicate to other user’s via your application, the security audit will verify whether sent data is secured against an unauthorized access.
  • Applications connected to online stores – Price modification, generating discount codes, customer’s data leakage or ordering on their behalf by an external person is a serious breach of trust the online store may face. Application security audit will help to avoid such situations.
audyt bezpieczeństwa aplikacji

Stages of mobile application security audit

1. Pre-audit consultation

Before we start, we would like to ask you several questions regarding your mobile application. Also, we will discuss the scope of work and the deadline to be followed.

2. Verifying mobile application for known vulnerabilities:

We will verify the reaction of the application in terms of known types of hacker attacks. All the cybersecurity vulnerabilities which enable the unauthorized access and app manipulation by the disfavored persona, will be detected.

3. Verifying the compatibility of mobile device with application: 

We will investigate what kind of information and where it is saved by application on the mobile device. We will also verify whether data storage and processing methods follow cybersecurity standards.

4. Verification of the detected issues:

The found flaws will be closely examined. We will determine a degree of severity and estimate the fixing priority of threats found during penetration tests.

5. Complete report on the work performed:

At the end you will receive a complete and comprehensive report from us, including a detailed description of the identified vulnerabilities and recommendations regarding their elimination.

6. Retests:

Once the recommended changes are implemented, we will retest your application in order to make sure that the detected vulnerabilities were indeed successfully removed.

How long does an audit take?

The duration of the mobile application audit depends on the complexity of the tested application. You will learn the exact deadline of works during pre-audit consultation. Usually it takes from 2 to several days.

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