What does ‘vulnerability’ mean?

Considering cybersecurity, vulnerabilities correspond to all weaknesses of information systems that can be used by hackers in order to get an access to a given system, manipulate it or violate its integrity. Vulnerabilities may occur due to:

  • errors on the software development stage,
  • errors occurring during software implementation,
  • incorrect configuration,
  • using software in a way other than the producer intended.

Well known systems also contain vulnerabilities. What is more, with no knowledge on the threats of incorrect system usage, even a properly implemented and configured software may serve as a security flaw which enables hackers to get access to organization’s assets.

What does ‘Vulnerability Management’ mean?

Cybersecurity audit is a great step forward if you want to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities. However, if you wish to maintain the cybersecurity level of your company longer, you need to take some additional actions. This is where Vulnerability Management comes in – regular actions which aim to identify, classify and determine the degree of severity along with fixing priority of the detected vulnerabilities.Vulnerability management is crucial prevention against cyber attacks and the core of maintaining the cybersecurity level of an organization.

VMC – vulnerability management software

Years of experience in supporting numerous organizations for vulnerability management has benefited in the need for providing the market with a tool that monitors cybersecurity of a company’s assets in a simple and effective way. As a result, VMC has been created – our vulnerability management software, which is used, among others, by  Politechnika Wrocławska (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology).

While our deployment of VMC in WCSS is still in progress, I’m already very pleased with the work done. VMC seems to meet our expectations in terms of functionalities and early results show good performance. Every day we are closer to go live with our clients which is going to be the most important proof that the VMC is a valuable product. Also working with DSecure.me team is a great experience. These guys really know their field of expertise.

  • Agnieszka Kwiecień, Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Zarządzanie podatnościami

What are the benefits of vulnerability management? Is it worth it?

  • Improving the company’s cybersecurity level. Vulnerability management will help you to stay alert in the area of cybersecurity and as a result, to increase the organization’s resistance to hacker attacks;
  • Better awareness of your own systems. Monitoring and classifying vulnerabilities from specific systems allows you to learn and understand better the systems themselves and to make more aware decisions regarding their further use;
  • Risk calculation. All business fields carry certain risks – every entrepreneur is aware of that. Vulnerability management enables proper risk assessment and its managing for the benefit of the business;
  • Fixing prioritization. Eliminating errors requires some time. Due to holistic insight in the cybersecurity level of your company, you will learn which areas require immediate fix and which are not so urgent and can be dealt subsequently.

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