Table of contents:

  • What is IT asset management?
  • Asset Management Systems
  • What are the benefits of IT asset management? Is it worth it?

What is IT asset management?

In order to manage something effectively, first, you need to get to know it – it is no different in the case of a corporate IT inventory. Therefore, the first step in IT asset management is inventory of your resources. You cannot protect your infrastructure without knowing its components. Proper IT asset management is the first and fundamental step to protect and manage the cybersecurity of your company effectively. Due to the detailed modeling of assets, we can easily identify the critical points of your network and areas that require improvement. Our reconnaissance involves:

  • entire equipment you use,
  • network devices,
  • virtual machines,
  • database management systems,
  • external storage media,
  • software used by employees,

Then, we will show you how to effectively monitor and protect your assets using technologies which will make this task easier.

Asset Management Systems

Asset Management software facilitates the administration of corporate IT assets: management of the company’s IT equipment, operating systems, software, virtual machines and other assets. Asset Management systems allow you to get a holistic view of the IT infrastructure and, as a result, to make more accurate decisions about its individual components.

We offer an intuitive and flexible Asset Management system – Ralph. It is an open source solution, maintained by Allegro Tech, which will allow you to easily and conveniently manage your company’s IT assets .

What are the benefits of IT asset management? Is it worth it?

The insufficient knowledge of the corporate IT inventory prevents it from being effectively protected. You may not be aware of an out-of-date system in your network or that the service has been exposed to the Internet in an uncontrolled manner. In the case of an incident that breaches your company’s security, you may not know who is responsible for the assets being the target of an attack. Consequently, this will prevent you from taking action to counter the threat effectively. In order to properly protect your assets, first, you need to get to know them (inventory) and then monitor their condition on an ongoing basis. Due to implementation of asset management system you may expect the following advantages:

  • Control over the security of your assets – it will be easier to locate applications for which support expires and those that require updating;
  • Identifying systems and applications with similar functionalities – this will allow you to limit their number, which will facilitate the management of IT infrastructure and introducing changes into it;
  • Faster and more effective reaction to incidents related to cybersecurity – better knowledge of your own assets will ensure that in the case of threat you will know, among others, how the given asset is associated with other assets, who is responsible for it and where to look for support.
  • Defining cybersecurity standards in your organization – inventory and IT asset management is a good step towards implementing your corporate cybersecurity policy, taking into consideration the attitude towards unauthorized software, the need for regular updates or the procedures to be followed in the case of an inevitable attack.

Pomagamy w sprawnym odnalezieniu się posiadanych zasobach w taki sposób, żeby posługiwanie się nimi było maksymalnie efektywne, bezpieczne i dostosowane do Twoich potrzeb oraz wymagań. Dysponujemy wieloletnim doświadczeniem i specjalistyczną wiedzą w zakresie zarządzania usługami IT, dlatego możemy zapewnić wysoką jakość i profesjonalną obsługę na każdym etapie współpracy, do której serdecznie zapraszamy. Zachęcamy do kontaktu zarówno małe, średnie i duże przedsiębiorstwa, jak i inne podmioty – instytucje publiczne, organizacje pozarządowe czy osoby indywidualne, które chcą mieć pewność, że za infrastrukturę informatyczną, w tym jej obsługę odpowiadają najlepsi specjaliści.  

Benefits of implementing and using Ralph system

  • control in IT environments
  • license compliance
  • environment standardization
  • increasing operational efficiency
  • cost reduction
  • knowledge of assets
  • avoidingunnecessary costs
  • risk reduction
  • software reuse
  • reduction of costs related to unused technology
  • problem-solving time reduction
  • incident-solving time reduction
  • possibilities for standardization and certificates

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